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 Layton M. Field, Ph.D.

Layton Field, Ph.D.

Associate Professor / Director of Mission Initiatives

Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice and Human Services

Layton Field, Ph.D., specializes in social demography, which focuses on the intricate relationship between society and population. For example, social and cultural norms in the West have encouraged families to have fewer children. Consequently, the number of children has declined and the proportion of individuals age 65 and older has rapidly increased. This transition to smaller families has fundamentally shifted the average age of many populations from young to old.

As such, aging populations will require new social norms and policies to develop as existing policies, such as Social Security, become incapable of coping with a growing number of retirees. Field also teaches courses in research methods, statistics, and foundations of sociology. He lives in Fairfield, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.

Ph.D., Texas A&M University (2014)

Demography, Fertility, Research Methods, Statistics, Applied Demography.