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Josey Chacko, Ph.D.

Josey Chacko

Associate Professor

Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business

Knott Academic Center
Room 301 B

+1 (301) 447-5065
Ph.D., Virginia Tech (2014)
Behavioral Operations Management, Humanitarian Supply Chains & Logistics, Decision Support Systems

Collignon, S.C., Chacko, J., and Martin, M. (2020). “An Alternative Multiple-Choice Question Format to Guide Feedback Using Student Self-Assessment of Knowledge.” Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 18(3), 456-480.

Chacko, J., Zobel, C.W., & Rees, L.P., (2018), “Challenges of Modeling Community-Driven Disaster Operations Management in Disaster Recurrent Areas: The Example of Portsmouth”, Proceedings of the 15th International ISCRAM Conference, Rochester, NY.

Rakes, T.R., Deane, J.K., Rees, L.P., Goldberg, D., & Chacko, J. (2018). “A fuzzy decision support system for pre-disaster budgeting.” International Journal of Information Systems and Management, 1(4), 312-327.

Chacko, J., Rees, L. P., Zobel, C. W., Rakes, T. R., Russell, R. S., & Ragsdale, C. T. (2016). “Decision support for long-range, community-based planning to mitigate against and recover from potential multiple disasters.” Decision Support Systems, 87, 13-25.

Rakes, T.R., Chacko, J., Rees, L.P., and Deane, J.K (2015), “Modeling Disaster Uncertainty with Fuzzy Goal Programming,” Proceedings of the 2015 Meeting of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute.

Chacko, J., Rees, L.P., Zobel, C.W. (2014), “Improving Resource Allocation for Disaster Operations Management in a Multi-Hazards Context”, Proceedings of the 11th International ISCRAM Conference, University Park, PA.