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John Nauright

John Nauright

Dean of the Bolte School of Business

Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business


Алтухов, C.B. & Д. Наурайт (S. Altukhov & J. Nauright) (2020). Факторы, влияющие на развитие хоккея в глобализованном мире (Factors Influencing the Development of Ice Hockey in the Globalized World). Moscow: Unity-Dana.

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Refereed Journal Articles

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Selected Articles

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2021: Keynote address: 3rd International Scientific and Practical Online Conference “Health, Physical Education and Sport: Perspectives and Best Practices”, Borys Grinchenko University, Kiev, Ukraine.

2021: Roundtable Coordinator, 10th Annual American Conference of Academic Deans, Deans’ Institute. Change Management for People Who Hate Change. 20 January.

2020: Lead Keynote Speaker, Water Sports and Tourism International Forum. Qionghai city, Hainan Province; Host: Tourism, Culture and Sports Bureau of Hainan Province, China, 26 July.

2019: Public Forum Chair, Moderator and Speaker for the Themed Environments and Economic Development Forum. Lock Haven University, 12 December. 

2019: Invited Feature Panelist, Imperial Legacies of 1919 Conference. University of North Texas. Panel on Teaching Colonialism (funded), 19 April.

2018: Invited Feature Plenary Speaker, World Hockey Forum III, Moscow, Russia. Topic: National Strategies and Ice Hockey Youth Development in Asia-Pacific Countries, and The Kunlun Red Star Phenomenon as a Case Study for Hockey Growth in Asia (funded), 13-15 December.

2018: Invited Feature Plenary Speaker, International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) 35th World Congress of Sports Medicine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Topic: Policy Implications of CTE and Concussion Research for Youth Sport Organization and Assessment, (funded) 12-15 September.

2018: Invited Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Sport, Events and Tourism at the American University of the Emirates, Dubai. Topic: Sport, Fitness and Health in the Twenty-First Century City, (funded) 30 April – 2 May.

2018: Invited Feature Panelist, Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Growth Panel, CFA Societies Texas Symposium, George W. Bush Institute at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, 2943 SMU Boulevard, Dallas, TX. (funded), 23 February.

2017: Invited Feature Plenary Speaker, World Hockey Forum II, Moscow, Russia. Topic: Expanding Global Hockey Cultures, (funded) 15-16 December.

2017: Invited Feature Panelist, Rugby Business Executive Association Strategy 2020, San Diego, CA, 30 June. Topic: Major Markets and Youth Development in Communities.

2017: Invited Keynote Speaker, World in Union II Conference, Massey University, New Zealand, (funded) 29 June. Topic: The United States as a New Market for Rugby Union.

2017: Invited Keynote Speaker, Academy of Global Hospitality and Tourism Congress, Cheongju, South Korea, (funded), 27 May. Topic: Sports Events in the 21st Century City.

2017: Invited Feature Presentation, TAFISA (World Sport for All Association) Summit/ Workshop on Active Cities (PASS), Frankfurt, Germany, 20 April. Topic: Sports City USA: Frisco, Texas as a New US Model for an Active City.

2017: Invited Feature Plenary Speaker, Foundation Congress and Meeting of World Leisure Sports Organization, Macao, China, (funded) 12 April. Topic: Cities and Leisure Sports in the 21st Century.

2016: Invited Feature Speaker, World Hockey Forum, Moscow, Russia. Sponsored by the International Ice Hockey Federation. Topic: Ice Hockey and New Markets in the USA, (funded) 15 December.

2016: Invited Plenary Keynote Speaker, European College of Sports Science Annual Congress, Vienna, Austria. Topic: Sports Across Boundaries, (funded) 9 July.

2016: Invited Inaugural Keynote Speaker, International Science and Football Conference, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar. Topic: Football Development/Development through Football: Global and Local Challenges. (funded) 24 March.

2016: Invited Feature Panelist and Speaker. Adopting a Zero Tolerance Approach on Discrimination in Sport: Ensuring Equality, Promoting Inclusion for All. Public Policy Exchange, London, UK (funded) 9 February.

2015: Invited Feature Panelist and Expert Speaker, Fifth Annual Sport & Events Tourism Exchange, Protea Hotel Fire and Ice, Menlyn Tshwane, South Africa (funded). 27-29 October. Report on conference available in Golf Business News.

2015: Cold War States and Sporting Systems. Seminar of the Woodrow Wilson Center Cold War and Sport Project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. New York University. Topic: Sport, the State and Cold War Politics: The Case of Apartheid South Africa (funded), 23 October.

2015: Hastings Borough Council and Heritage Lottery Commission, Hastings, East Sussex, England. Presentation: Hastings Heritage: Retelling the Story of 1066 (with Dr Deborah Madden), (funded). 28 July.

2015: Invited Keynote Speaker, Trinidad and Tobago International Sport Conference "Sport as a Business: A Gateway to Sustainability". Conference of the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency. Hyatt Hotel, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Topic: Sport Governance, Organisation and Business in the Caribbean (funded). 16 June.

2015: World Football Forum, Moscow, Russia. Topic: China and Global Football (funded), 11 June.

2015: First European Sport Tourism Conference, Sport, Tourism and Media in an Interconnected World, Keynote Address and Conference Chair, 2nd European Sport Tourism Forum. Limerick, Ireland (funded). 15 May.

2015: Invited University Lecture: Shanghai University of Sport. Topic: The European Sports Industry and Sport Business Management Education (funded).

2015: Global Football Business Summit, Shanghai University of Sport. 5 May (funded). Co- host, organiser, feature presenter. Topic: Competitive Balance, Sustainability and Sport Marketing Success: Comparing European and North American Models in Professional Team Sports (funded).

2015: Inaugural Professorial Lecture, University of Brighton (funded) 29 April. Title: SportsWorld: Shaping a Global Dreamscape.

2015: Invited Feature Speaker. Cold Water Island Tourism Conference, Isle of Arran, Scotland (funded), 17-19 March. Topic: Where North America Meets Europe: Tourism Branding and Marketing of Newfoundland, Canada.

2015: Invited Workshop Leader. Cold Water Island Tourism Conference, Isle of Arran, Scotland (funded), 17-19 March. Topic: Sport and the Outdoors.

2015: Invited Public Lectures Seoul National University & Ulsan University, Korea. Title: Beyond the Sport-Media-Tourism Complex (funded).

2014: Invited Feature Lecturer, International Academy of Sport Law, 20th Congress, Athens, Greece. December.

2014: Invited Feature Panelist, Public Forum to open the Centre of Sport Policy Research, University of Birmingham, UK (funded). Sport, Politics, Policy and Society. 3 December.

2014: Invited Feature Panelist, Sport in Society Conference, London. 19 November.

2014: Invited Keynote Speaker, Latin American Association of Sports Studies (ALESDE) 4th Biennial Congress, Bogota, Colombia, 23 October. Topic: Saving Global Sport from itself.

2014: Invited Feature Speaker, The Future of the Olympic Games. Oxford University, 3 September. Topic: Alternative Models for a Sustainable Olympic Games with a Level Playing Field.

2014: Invited Public Lecture, Center for International Sport Management, University of Georgia, USA, 25 August. Topic: The European Sport Marketplace (funded). Part 1 | Part 2.

2014: Invited Speaker, Sport and Postcolonialism, a Routledge Special Issue Topic Workshop, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, 5 June (funded). Sport, Ethnobranding, Heritage and the White Zulu: Lance Klusener and Cricket Marketing in the New South Africa.

2014: Invited Panelist, Inaugural European Forum for Sport, Tourism and Events. W2 (Keith Wood) and Bord Failte, Limerick, Ireland, 16 May (funded).

2013: Burris F. Husman Memorial Annual Lecture, University of Maryland, 26 April (funded). Topic: Thoughts on Sport, “Development” and Neoliberal Capitalism.

2012: Feature Seminar Speaker, Mulier Institute Seminar, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, 17 February (funded). Title: Sports, Bodies, and Cultures.

2012: Invited Sociology and Public Policy Research Seminars, School of Languages and Social Sciences, Aston University, England, 13-16 February (funded). Titles: Creating International Learning Opportunities for Students and Embodied Identities: Perspectives on Sport and Race.

2011: Invited Keynote Speaker, Women and Sport in Africa Seminar, Oxford University, Oxford, England, 7 March (funded). Title: Women, Sports and Societies in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa.

2010: Invited Feature Speaker, Futures of Sport Management Seminar, Haaga-Helia University, Vierumäki, Finland. 20-21 November (funded). Global Sports Marketing.

2010: Invited Keynote Address, European Association for Sport Management, 18th Annual Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 17 September (funded). Title: Bridges and barriers: Problems and prospects for global and the local in sport management.

2010: Feature Public Panel Speaker, Beyond Boundaries International Conference, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados, 17 July (funded). Title: Reflections on the 2010 FIFA World Cup and South African Society.

2010: Invited Address, Exercise and Sport Sciences & Athletics Symposium: “Youth Sport Specialization: Is it Too Much, Too Soon?” Colby-Sawyer College, New Hampshire, USA, March (funded). Title: Global Perspectives on Youth and Sport.

2010: Invited Feature Speaker, Visualizing the Game: Global Perspectives on Football in Africa International Conference, University of Basel, Switzerland. 29 January (funded).

2009: Invited Panellist and Feature Speaker, International Association of Sport Economists Conference, Stellenbosch, South Africa. 3 December. Topic: Legacies and Limitations of the 2010 FIFA World Cup on Africa and South African Economies.