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Brian E. Heinold, Ph.D.

Brian Heinold

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Room 114 B

+ (301) 447-6823
Brian Heinold, Ph.D., came to Mount St. Mary's in 2006, after receiving his doctorate from Lehigh University. Since then he has taught a variety of math and computer science courses. He has mentored several honors projects, coordinated the department's Smalltalk colloquium series and advised a number of COMAP teams. He has given presentations on fractals and mathematical imagery, teaching and graph theory.
M.S., and Ph.D. Lehigh University
B.S., Montclair State University
Graph theory
B. Heinold, F. Portier, and S. Weiss, A Small Paper on Smalltalks: Experiences in Running a Student-Faculty Colloquium Series. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges31 (4), 86-92, 2016.

The sum choice number of P3 x Pn, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 160 (2012), 1126-1136.

Sum choice numbers of some graphs, Discrete Mathematics, 309 (2009), 2166-2173.

A survey of sum list coloring. Graph Theory Notes of New York, LII (2007).
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